Write and format with ease, thanks to modern WYSIWYG editor with built-in Markdown and keyboard shortcuts. Enjoy IDE-level syntax highlighting and autocompletion and customize your content with XML-like elements.


Vrite is open-source. You can always self-host it or use our cloud and not worry about a lock-in.


Integrate with any front-end and automate your workflows with Vrite's API.


Manage internalization, A/B testing and more with Vrite's built-in support for content variants.


Store metadata - from assigned members, tags, and deadlines to custom JSON - right alongside your content.

Git Sync

Onboard quickly and utilize docs-as-code approach with Vrite's bi-directional Git sync.

JavaScript SDK

Easily integrate with popular frameworks, and extend Vrite's functionality with JavaScript SDK.

Built-in semantic search and Q&A powered by the latest LLMs, lets you find an answer in your content to any question you might have. And with Vrite's API, you can provide the same experience to your users.

Vrite extensions

Extension system

Customize your content, automate workflows, and integrate with your favorite tools.

Vrite formatting customization

Built-in customization

Make Vrite your own, by customizing everything from the UI to built-in metadata and formatting options.

Vrite role-based access control

Permission system

Collaborate with your team with ease, while maintain full control with Vrite's role-based access system.

Whether your organizing content schedule in kanban, managing due dates in a table, or switching through different pieces while writing docs - Vrite has views and panels to help you manage your content any way you like.

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